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Mary Lou’s Gourmet Popcorn of the Santa Clarita Valley is offering some of the best hand made products at very affordable prices. Popcorn is always a tasty treat. The treats that remind you of growing up and going to the movies and watching a favorite film, while having your bucket of popcorn to munch on. Mary Lou’s is famous for reminding you of those days with a much wider selection of popcorn to select from. With many different flavors, you are surely able to find your special flavor.

Gourmet Popcorn in Santa Clarita

Mary Lou’s popcorn is all about quality, and not quantity. Every product that is made, is made with the idea that they are the best. If you are not the best, then you are just the rest. They want to stand out as the best gourmet popcorn in the industry, and more importantly, locally. Word of mouth goes a long way these days. If you are not on the tips of everyone’s tongue’s, then you are not the best. Mary Lou’s prides themselves on making sure that their customers are completely satisfied as it is no other product they have tasted before. You will now when you taste their popcorn as it will thrill you in every conceivable way.

There are many different flavors to select from. You have probably been eating the same flavor for years. The movie flavor is probably the most classic and tasty treat out there. Especially with the butter that runs down your hand after you pull some out from a bucket at the theater. But now Mary Lou’s has expanded on flavor and made a bigger selection to choose from. You do not have to just settle on one flavor, there are many to try.

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With many scrumptious flavors to decide on it is amazing what Mary Lou’s has done to create these flavors. There is caramel, cheddar, caramel pecan, rainbow, jalapeno cheddar, tuxedo, birthday cake, and banana just to name a few. This can also make wonderful gifts for graduation, holidays, and birthdays too.

Mary Lou’s Gourmet Popcorn of the Santa Clarita Valley has new and creative flavors that are delicious. Try them today.

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Mary Lou’s Gourmet Popcorn

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