Down here in Santa Clarita there are many different restaurants to choose from. Here at KHTS, we have a selection of restaurants to choose from at a discount. There are discounts for a selection of restaurants done through our KHTS Restaurant Row. KHTS Restaurant Row offers these discounts on a monthly certificate that updates on other shops and food places every month.

Do Not Discount These Deals

The certificate, once purchased, offers an array of discounts tailored to each shop. All shops have discount deals that go up to 50% off of select purchases. There are also services available on our KHTS Restaurant Row for the same discounts. These services range from haircuts, select sporting goods, car washes, and others around Santa Clarita. Special offers are also available on the certificate for some festivals such as Boots & Brews, the California Strawberry Festival, The Tequila and Taco Festival, and wine tasting and brunch at Reyes Winery. All of these special offers are for certain days and are not an everyday affair.

There are Terms of Agreement regarding the discounts of the shops and restaurants. Only one certificate per business may be purchased monthly, and only once per household as well. All the certificate sales are final with no exchanges or refunds. Any businesses that no longer appear on the list of shops can be exchanged for any certificate of equal value from the current list within 3 months from the date of purchase. Any businesses that are out of business will not qualify for exchanges or refunds. Any altered looking certificates will not be honored and returned checks can be subjected to a $30 check returned fee.

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To acquire these great deals, you must purchase the certificate on our online shopping area of our page, KHTS Restaurant Row is only offering online shopping with credit cards only. For those that purchase them online, the certificates must be picked up within 7 business days or they will be returned to our inventory. There are no cash refunds for anyone wanting a refund.

The KHTS Restaurant Row is a great way to get discounts on your favorite local shops and restaurants. For online shopping, is available for interested people. KHTS also offers in person sales at the KHTS radio station in Santa Clarita, business hours are 9:00A.M to 5:00P.M, Monday-Friday. Feel free to stop buy and get your discount on.

To learn more about KHTS Restaurant Row click here.

We hope you can join us at the 2020 KHTS Home and Garden Show at Central Park on April 25th and 26th, 2020 at one of the largest California Home and Garden Shows right here in Santa Clarita!

KHTS Restaurant Row

24320 Main Street,
 Santa Clarita, CA
(661) 298-1220

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