Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh

Oxi Fresh is a carpet cleaning company that uses green technology, a oxygenated cleaning system, breaking down spots so they can be removed effectively from the carpet and dry within an hours time.

Oxi Fresh is branded as “The World’s Greatest Carpet Cleaner.” They are very committed to cleaning methods that are environmentally friendly.  Compared to traditional steam cleaners, their system ends up saving around fifty-eight gallons of water per home. Their customers get a very fast dry time of one hour with no sticky residue.

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In addition to the quick drying carpets, stains and dirt are removed by their green deep cleaning service.

Because of the great quality service and customer satisfaction, there is a demand for those interested in starting an Oxi Fresh franchise.

Oxi Fresh earns consistently high ranks in the Franchisee Satisfaction Awards and low startup costs as well as a powerful brand name.

The Oxi Fresh Franchising Company offers an entire business, not just a territory. This includes a Scheduling Center to take calls for you, custom designed Customer Relationship Management software, and a turn-key marketing program, you have the opportunity to take control of your future with a carpet cleaning company like no other.

Santa Clarita residents can experience a great carpet cleaning experience at OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning.

Oxi Fresh’s unique approach to carpet cleaning in Santa Clarita combines modern technology with eco-friendly practices. Their system is designed to effectively remove dirt and soil while preserving the integrity of your carpets.

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