Baby’s Badass Burgers

Baby's Badass Burgers Food Truck

Baby’s Badass Burgers (BBB) is coming to the Santa Clarita Valley, and you get the chance to try these badass burgers for yourself.

Baby’s Badass Burgers is known for their one of a kind mobile burger truck, and also the fact that they have catered to celebrities such as, Kylie Jenner, Jimmy Fallon, Paris Hilton, and Charlie Sheen, just to name a few.

One restaurateur and one event planner with a dream to go mobile

Do you want to know what the hype is all about? You’re in luck, because you can now try these burgers out at the 2019 Santa Clarita Valley Home & Garden Show.

One restaurateur and one event planner with a dream to go mobile, created Baby’s Badass Burgers with an intention to make serving people all around Southern California a lot easier. With 5 locations here in Southern California, one in Arizona, one in Texas, and one in Louisiana these Badass Babes are taking their delicious burgers and adding to their reach across the country one badass burger at a time. Their goal is not only piercing the food truck market but also dominating the food truck market.

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One of the best things about BBB other than their countrywide reach is the fact that you too can be an owner. Yes, you can be an owner of a BBB food truck! Baby’s Badass Burgers shares the wealth with strong-minded business people, who have attainable goals and solid plans.

Are you interested in owning your own food truck, and having the freedom of owning a badass business selling burgers? You can make that interest a reality with BBB. For more information on taking that leap into the mobile food truck industry you can check out their website, and find what you need there.

BBB is highly admired by their customers, and the media! The Food Network, KABC News, and even AMP Radio have all taken note, and published great reviews about BBB and the Babes that serve hungry customers all around.

They have a weekly schedule located on their website where you can go see what hot spots they are going to hit throughout the Los Angeles area. You will find that these babes don’t stop revving those engines and moving those wheels throughout the week. BBB will start their travels in morning hours, and will go till late evening hours.

These Babes are booked a lot of the time, so make sure you schedule something well ahead of time if you require them at your next event!

To learn more about Baby’s Badass Burgers click here.

Phone: (877) 962-2297

We hope you can join us at the 2019 KHTS Home and Garden Show at Central Park on April 27th and 28th, 2019 at one of the largest California Home and Garden Shows right here in Santa Clarita!

Baby’s Badass Burgers

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