Santa Clarita Water Division

Santa Clarita Water Division

One of the most important issues of the year for Southern California is the ongoing drought that is growing to affect everyone, working to help Santa Clarita Valley residents keep their water running and conserve the water we have is the Santa Clarita Water Division.

The Santa Clarita Water Division works tirelessly to not only help citizens through the drought, but to also make water an easily accessible and safe resource for local residents. Always looking to improve and innovate, the Santa Clarita Water Division maintains 300 miles of technologically advanced pipes to help distribute as much water as possible.

Santa Clarita Drought

Proudly innovating the water supply industry with both their service and their equipment the Santa Clarita Water Division has created a high quality water distribution service. With the current climate and the drought that Southern California is facing, it has become more important than ever to innovate and change the way in which we store and distribute water to eliminate waste and create an efficient system that allows us to continue to keep our lawns green and our cars clean in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Helping to protect our water supply, and keep invasive and inconvenient conservation measures from taking over our valley, the Santa Clarita Water Division is constantly working to innovate the ways in which we store and distribute water to allow more efficient and higher quality water services for local business and residential properties.

Water Distribution in Santa Clarita

The Santa Clarita Water Division has been helping to provide the Santa Clarita Valley residents with the water service they deserve since 1973 when the Bouquet Water Company and Solemint Water Company merged to help provide the greater Santa Clarita Valley with a higher level of service than they could alone. In order to continue with seeking better and more efficient methods for water distribution the Santa Clarita Water Division was purchased by the Castaic Lake Water Agency in 1999 to provide retail water service as a public agency.

The mission of the Santa Clarita Water Division is to provide reliable, quality water at a reasonable cost to our customers in the greater Santa Clarita area.

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Santa Clarita Water Division
26521 Summit Circle, Santa Clarita, CA 91350-3049
Phone: (661) 259-2737

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Santa Clarita Water Division – Santa Clarita, CA ‎

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