Santa Clarita Sheriffs

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

For nearly 44 years, the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station has been stationed right in the heart of Santa Clarita, standing for years to serve and protect the residents of the area. While the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station is there to happily protect the people of Santa Clarita, it is also a part of the largest Sheriff’s Department in the world, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

And while they obviously serve the SCV, the Santa Clarita Sheriffs also expand their assistance to the Angeles National Forest and even as far as Gorman and Neenach. Aiming to earn the trust of all of Santa Clarita, and neighboring communities, the Sheriffs of Santa Clarita proudly serve their community as they continue to protect the different neighborhoods of the valley.

Sheriffs in Santa Clarita

Honoring a variety of different morals and codes, the Santa Clarita branch of the LASD holds great importance in working with great respect and compassion. They also make it a true and necessary duty to remain highly attentive and professional when performing any and all tasks. Their first priority is and always will be the safety of all citizens, and they are committed to the helpful and understanding conduct of Los Angeles and Santa Clarita Valley residents under their authority and responsibility.

Serving as Captain of the Santa Clarita Sheriffs, Roosevelt Johnson looks over all of the operations and safety assurance across the valley. As a veteran of the LASD for over 23 years, Johnson was handpicked in the promotion, and has been proudly serving the Santa Clarita station. As a citizen of the community himself, Captain Johnson has been honored to hold over the order and safety of Santa Clarita.

Sheriff’s Station in Santa Clarita

Working alongside the 18,000 employees within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the Sheriffs of Santa Clarita are proud to stand as a part of the LASD and serve their community and ensure the safety of all within.

Some of the many goals they aim toward in promising to serve the community include enforcing and fairly carrying out the law, maintaining peace and order in the area, and creating a partnership between the sheriffs and members of the community that will boost their unity as well as ensure the highest quality of life possible.

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Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department
23740 Magic Mountain Parkway, Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Phone: (661) 255-1121 

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Santa Clarita Sheriffs – Santa Clarita, CA

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