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SeneGence-Lip Candie is a privately owned, network marketing cosmetic skincare company that is in the business of developing and selling personal care products through an independent sales network and is sold by Santa Clarita’s very own distributor Lip Candie.

Lip Candie was founded in Castaic in 2014 by mother and daughter duo Stacie and Madison Contreras after they fell in love with SeneGence’s products. SeneGence began their brand through the success of their LipSense waterproof long-lasting lip product in 1999. They were then built on a platform of sensitivity and support for the environment and a policy of respect for the global community.

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After their birth, SeneGence made a stance to only use natural ingredients and testing processes throughout their existence. This has resulted in their use of naturally-reoccurring ingredients, refrain from animal testing, and omitting external product packaging. All of these steps taken in the business keep the company environmentally conscientious and ecologically responsible in serving clients throughout Santa Clarita.

Their products are also formulated without using animal by-products and in the United States for tight quality control. SeneGence’s products are long-lasting and are guaranteed to keep your skin glowing for over 12 hours! Their Seneplex Complex creates over a 23 percent increase in cell renewal to create plumper, younger looking skin.

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Through Lip Candie, they keep customer service and satisfaction a high priority through the many products they offer to Santa Clarita customers. While they also handle client orders, SeneGence-Lip Candie offers makeup demo parties for booking. Once scheduling a demo event or appointment, the cosmetics run-through can educate interested women, but also provide tons of fun at any party or event.

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SeneGence-Lip Candie
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SeneGence-Lip Candie – Castaic, CA

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