The 2025 KHTS Home And Garden Show Is A Homeowner And Landscaper Haven

by Tyler Feinstein
home show

The 2024 KHTS Home and Garden show was a home run and 2025 looks to be another wammy. This event is a paradise for every homeowner and gardener in the Santa Clarita valley. 450 unique vendors are eager and ready to serve over 22,000 equally eager Santa Claritans and are ready to strike everyone’s fancy. It is the largest annual event in Santa Clarita.

Our event will be sponsored by Providence Holy Cross. A huge player in the caretaking department in the Santa Clarita, San Fernando and Simi Valley Communities, Providence Holy Cross offers a wide range of health needs including physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Starting Times 

The 2025 KHTS Home and Garden Show will start on Saturday, April 26th, from 10 AM-4PM to April 27th, from 10AM-4PM. Admissions and parking are free. Woohoo!


The 2025 KHTS Home and Garden show will be hosted at Central Park on Bouquet Canyon Road. 

Eye Popping House Design

House Design has always been an annual mainstay and 2025 is no exception. From reliable kitchen gadgets to efficient energy appliances to handy tools, there will be at least one item that strikes everyone’s fancy.

Thrilling Interior Design

For homeowners looking to refresh the interior of their houses then the 2025 KHTS Home and Garden Show has got you covered. Superb designers will be there to showcase all their creative innovations and improvements to make modern living spaces much more enjoyable.

A Landscaper’s Haven

Homeowners won’t be the only class of people on the hunt for exotic items, Landscapers will also be joining the fray. Technology and the outdoors merge together to create gorgeous living spaces that will strike the hearts of every landscaper in Santa Clarita. The event aims to appease every type of landscaper out there. From vertical gardens to efficient ways of keeping your gardens and crops healthier, the 2025 KHTS Home and Garden show wants to display the best landscaping innovations Santa Clarita has to offer.

The Artisan Treasure Trove

If you want a bit more of a fantastical look for your house then the Artisan Marketplace is the right fit for you. 160 of Santa Clarita’s best artisans and craftsmen will showcase creative one-of-a-kind creations that are sure to catch many eyeballs. From the vibrant decorations to the polished hand made furniture, there is something for every creative mind out there to salivate over.

The Corvette club will be making a return.

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2025 may be far away but that won’t stop us from trying to make the KHTS Home and Garden show as awesome as possible. Santa Clarita’s brightest minds in the home owning and landscaping industries join forces in making 22,000 Santa Claritans have a major blast in helping out their daily living.

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