Hearing Loss Myths With Santa Clarita Audiologist Nola Aronson

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If you’ve ever wondered what is and isn’t true when it comes to hearing loss, Santa Clarita audiologist Nola Aronson of Advanced Audiology is debunking two common beliefs that are actually myths.

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#1: “My regular physician would have let me know if I had a hearing loss.”

In reality, just 14 percent of doctors screen for hearing loss during routine physicals, according to Aronson.

Because of today’s health care system placing limits on doctors’ time, and because of the importance of hearing to communication, Advanced Audiology works with several local doctor’s offices to provide free hearing screenings to patients in the waiting room.

“So you don’t even have to go anywhere,” Aronson said. “Then we can help the doctors out by telling them about their patients and how their patient can be helped.”

Three local doctor’s offices currently partner with Advanced Audiology to provide this service, which aims to help doctors give patients even better care than they already do, Aronson noted.

Any residents who want this service at their doctor’s office can speak to their physician about it, and any doctors who would like more information about partnering with Advanced Audiology can call Steven for more information at 661-592-2718.

#2: “At my age, my hearing is normal.”

Though this is commonly believed, Aronson asked why hearing would have anything to do with age.

“Do you ever hear a doctor say your blood pressure is normal for your age? What does that mean? Your blood pressure is either normal or not normal — it has nothing to do with age,” said Aronson. “Age has nothing to do with hearing loss either.”

Some babies are born with hearing loss, and Advanced Audiology treats patients of all ages, working to give their patients effective hearing loss solutions for each individual’s unique situation.

For a free hearing screening at Advanced Audiology, call 661-592-2718 today to schedule an appointment.

Advanced Audiology was founded in 2010 by Santa Clarita audiologist Nola Aronson, who has been fitting hearing aids for more than 30 years. Advanced Audiology is the largest diagnostic hearing center in the Santa Clarita Valley, focusing on clients with hearing loss, tinnitus, ears ringing and more. Hearing tests, hearing aids and new sound infrared devices are also available at Advanced Audiology in addition to a complete hearing healthcare program that includes free batteries, quarterly cleanings and adjustments.

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Hearing Loss Myths With Santa Clarita Audiologist Nola Aronson


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