A Disappointing Experience At Circus Caballero In Santa Clarita

Carlos Pacheco of the Monarca Marketing Group Fails To Pay


As a resident of Santa Clarita, I was excited to hear that Circus Caballero was coming to town, promising an exhilarating and unforgettable experience under the big top. However, after attending the show with high hopes, I left feeling thoroughly disappointed and underwhelmed.

From the moment we entered the circus grounds, there was a sense of disorganization and chaos. The ticketing process was slow and inefficient, with long lines and confused staff members adding to the frustration of the audience. It seemed like the organizers were ill-prepared to handle the crowd, leading to unnecessary delays and confusion.

Once inside the tent, it quickly became apparent that the quality of the performances did not match the hype. The acts were lackluster and uninspired, leaving much to be desired in terms of entertainment value. The acrobatics were sloppy, the animal acts felt outdated and uncomfortable, and the clowns failed to elicit even a chuckle from the audience.

The marketing, headed by Carlos Pacheco of the Monarca Marketing Group, left much to be desired. No bills were paid, despite an extensive marketing campaign.

What was most disappointing, however, was the evident lack of care for the animals involved in the show. It was evident that they were not treated with the respect and dignity they deserve, and their participation in the circus felt exploitative and inhumane. The sight of elephants being forced to perform unnatural tricks and lions being confined to cramped cages left a sour taste in my mouth and cast a shadow over the entire experience.

Furthermore, the overall atmosphere of the circus felt rundown and neglected. The facilities were in poor condition, with dirty seats and dingy surroundings detracting from the supposed magic of the circus. It was clear that the organizers had not invested the necessary time and resources into creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for the audience. Imagine if Santa Claus had witnessed this mess.

Attending Circus Caballero in Santa Clarita was a disappointing and regrettable experience. From the disorganized ticketing process to the lackluster performances and the mistreatment of animals, there was little to redeem the event. I would strongly advise against attending this circus in the future, as there are undoubtedly better and more ethical forms of entertainment available in our community.





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