America’s Best Hydroponics On The Latest Trends In Hydroponics

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Always staying up to date on new technologies, the staff growers at America’s Best Hydroponics and Garden Center always strive to stay ahead of the game and be informed on the newest developments. While the staff at America’s Best are able to inform their clients as dutiful employees and respective shop owners, they are also experienced growers themselves, so they make it a top priority to be up to date on the latest products and techniques to help better their own plants as well as the ones of customers.

Americas Best Hydroponics StoreThe standard way of learning that the staff growers follow is described best by owner and founder of America’s Best Hydroponics and Garden Center Paul Antriasian: “Always reading, trying new products, talking to manufacturers, attending grow shows…myself and all my employees,” Antriasian explained.

While having been open for nearly ten years, Antriasian’s staff tactics have been welcoming both novice and experienced growers into learning and grasping the latest advancements in hydroponic technologies.

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Adding on to the ongoing cycle of new information for clients, America’s Best keep some of the most recent magazines, catalogs, and feeding charts in stock for easy access to information on new hydroponic technologies for both customers and employees to keep up to date on all of the latest innovations in growing and hydroponics.

While they promote new and innovative information on hydroponics, Antriasian continues to firmly believe in the future of hydroponics, stating that online hydroponics markets are the way of the future. Paul Antriasian’s wife and website overseer, Victoria Wouk, has witnessed the evolution of the online business. “Online is the future…It’s a marketplace you need to be in these days,” she stated.

Continuing to serve all of the Antelope Valley, America’s Best services Lancaster, Rosamond, and Santa Clarita by presenting a great selection of supplies to provide their fellow growers with some of the best products as well as the most current information on new techniques.

Visit America’s Best Hydroponics and Garden Center’s online store at Learn more about the company at and  Or call them at (661) 266-3906.

Hydroponics Unlimited has been serving the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita and Kern County since 2006 as one of the leading hydroponics and gardening stores in Southern California. Their owners are hands on experts, sharing their years of knowledge and expertise. Visit them in their Palmdale location at 641 West Palmdale Blvd., Unit D, Palmdale, CA. 93551, or call Hydroponics Unlimited at (661) 266-3906. You may also visit their on-line store at

America’s Best Hydroponics On The Latest Trends In Hydroponics

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