My Rookie Experience At The 2024 KHTS Home And Garden Show 

by Tyler Feinstein

As a newly appointed KHTS radio  intern, I didn’t know what to expect at the 2024 KHTS  Home and Garden Show. But I decided to help out and I am extremely happy I did. I got to meet many new people and contributed quite a bit for someone who was just given the internship tag a few weeks prior.

A Productive Day 1 

I arrived one day before the 2024 KHTS Home and Garden show to help out with the preparations and learn the basics. But I got a larger role than I expected. I was happy I was finally contributing actively and got to meet many awesome people. Standouts include Bradley, Walker, Jerry, Joshua, Jonathan and Jeri. Thank you all for making the experience that much better for me. I appreciate everyone’s company greatly. 

My workload on day 1 was light compared to day 2, when the show actually began. I helped out with the ice coolers, planted signs that lead to the attractions around the show, and learned how to turn on one of the generators.

An Extra Productive Day 2

Day 2 upped the ante from day 1. I got a huge trash bag and helped Bradley clean up 2 tents littered with garbage like cardboard, foam, food and other plastics. I definitely got a good workout by cleaning out both tents. After that I got to see the Los Angeles County Firefighters demonstrate the  “Jaws of Life” in action with a crowd of people watching the event. It was pretty cool to see how the tools worked and it gives you an insight on what firefighters do to protect others on a daily basis. 

A Tamer Day 3 

Day 3 by comparison was definitely the most tame. I still helped out when needed but by that point there wasn’t a whole lot I needed to do. Everything was set up and everyone was busy browsing all the different innovations and contraptions. The only notable thing I did on Day 3 was learn from Bradley how to use a switch knife so I could cut down the cardboard leftovers to throw them out. 

Overall I had a fun time at the 13th annual KHTS Home and Garden Show. I met some awesome people and I was really motivated to contribute in any way I could. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and thank you to everyone for making the experience that much more enjoyable.

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