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Kitchen Craft cookware was first manufactured in Wisconsin over 100 years ago and was originally created by a unique merging of layers of metal originally three layers, then seven layers. This merging of surgical stainless steel and aluminum alloy ensured that heat spread smoothly and quickly without hot spots across the bottom of each pan.

This method gives the metal a seamless way to conduct heat evenly on all sides of the cookware. Through technological and metallurgical advances, Kitchen Craft Cookware is formed from a sheet of 110 gauge surgical stainless steel to create the most even heat conductivity imaginable to result in the most energy efficient thermal core cooking system available.

Kitchen Craft Cookware features oven safe handles, dripless edges, vapor seal covers that allow for water-free cooking instead of the use of water or oil, and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects or workmanship.

Waterless Cooking

Kitchen Craft Waterless Cookware helps you cook healthier without the use of water or grease while saving time, money, and energy. By heating food quicker, at lower temperatures and without added fat or excess water, Kitchen Craft Cookware is ensuring a better future for the next generation. Precious minerals and their natural salts are dissolved when we cook them in water and then pour them down the drain.

Any cooking that minimizes temperatures and the amount of water will help preserve valuable nutrients. The highest quality stainless steel vapor cookware allows for cooking without the use of oil, butter, or fats, saving your food from unnecessary calories and cholesterol.

American Made

Kitchen Craft Cookware is manufactured in America in a green certified factory with over 100 years of security and service with refurbished presses that were used during World War II to make artillery shells.

Kitchen Craft prides itself on manufacturing itself on manufacturing its products in America, which ensures that your cookware was made under healthy conditions rather than in a foreign sweatshop. By buying Kitchen Craft Cookware products, 9,000 families are working because you bought American made cookware.

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Kitchen Craft

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