Advanced Audiology Is Longest-Standing Santa Clarita Audiologist Despite Challenge Of Pandemic

Advanced Audiology

After more than 30 years in business, Advanced Audiology’s Nola Aronson remains the longest-standing Santa Clarita audiologist, despite the difficulties presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

Even when she was forced to temporarily close her office doors at the start of the pandemic, Aronson used her four decades of experience to continue supporting her patients.

“I was surprised that we had to be closed, because we are an essential business,” Aronson said. “We were here for everybody when everybody else was closed, and we did a lot of community service, which is what we’re known for.”

For over two months, Aronson and her husband helped those in need both remotely and behind their office’s closed doors, repairing and cleaning hearing devices, helping to correct simple issues by phone and even mailing supplies out to people for free.

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“We helped people for free, clean their hearing aids, get them working again,” Aronson said. “We gave out (to) over 500 patients free batteries, free hearing aid supplies. We paid for all the postage during these two and a half months we were closed and not making a penny, so we are here for our community.”

Because people with hearing loss who rely on reading lips to help them understand others are probably struggling during the face covering mandate, Advanced Audiology now offers clear plastic face coverings too.

Aronson pointed out that she can relate to what her patients are going through when it comes to both hearing and isolation during the pandemic, as a senior herself with an elderly mother.

“We are isolated from others, especially if you’re in an assisted living facility or a nursing home — seniors are not able to get out; they’re not able to socialize,” Aronson said. “My mother, who is 89, is in one of those places, and I haven’t really been able to see her or take her to my house for over three months.”

This kind of isolation brings stress by itself, but combined with the inability to understand others or the TV due to hearing loss, other health problems such as depression could also come as a result.

Anyone who might be having hearing difficulties is being encouraged by Aronson to schedule their free hearing screening at Advanced Audiology, and full diagnostic evaluations typically covered by Medicare are also available, along with the newest hearing aid technologies.

“I wanted to stress during this very stressful time,” Aronson said, “that it still is extremely important to not ignore your hearing problems.”

Advanced Audiology was founded in 2010 by Santa Clarita audiologist Nola Aronson, who has been fitting hearing aids for more than 30 years. Advanced Audiology is the largest diagnostic hearing center in the Santa Clarita Valley, focusing on clients with hearing loss, tinnitus, ears ringing and more. Hearing tests, hearing aids and new sound infrared devices are also available at Advanced Audiology in addition to a complete hearing healthcare program that includes free batteries, quarterly cleanings and adjustments.

Advanced Audiology
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Advanced Audiology Is Longest-Standing Santa Clarita Audiologist Despite Challenge Of Pandemic

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