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Your bathroom should be orderly, durable, and efficient. Luxury Bath Pacific Coast in Santa Clarita Valley is America’s leading manufacturer for all luxury bath and shower systems, pledging to the utmost quality with every operation. Luxury Bath provides a lifetime of satisfaction, presenting one-of-a-kind designs that work for everyone and anyone.

Luxury Baths For Relaxation In Santa Clarita

Not only are their product lines alluring in design, but are simultaneously functional and accessible. Back in 2009, the bath remodeling industry was utterly transformed by Luxury Bath’s ahead-of-its-time installation techniques. Their newly applied fitting software ensured a custom fitted, acrylic bathtub sized just for you. Every bath contains the finest silicone sealant in the industry, protected with an antimicrobial plastic which prohibits mildew and mold growth (Microban). This advanced line is only available through Luxury Bath, an exclusive and custom way to appreciate your state-of-the-art bathroom.

All of their custom fitted bathtubs are secured with an exclusive adhesive that permanently solidifies in an instant. This guarantees acrylic walls that remain locked into place for the longevity of your comfortable stay. Luxury Bath covers more than just custom baths but also doors, enclosures, remodels, and bath to shower conversions for any Santa Clarita patron.

Their shower doors are detailed with LuxSeal, a superb glass surface with a protective layer for making cleaning effortless while remaining crystal clear. LuxSeal terminates all water marks and unattractive mineral deposits, decreasing the need to clean your glass by nearly 90 percent.

As far as making a conscious choice to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment, Luxury Bath provides products that are only 100 percent recyclable. Exclusive commodities like their Luxbond adhesive are organic all-natural compounds, and most of their products fit right over your current system to avoid adding tearout waste to our landfills.

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Luxury Bath provides for not only the Santa Clarita community but the country as a whole, making the bold choice to only produce domestically and provide jobs for Americans everywhere. Their unique and long-lasting materials only available through the company make Luxury Bath a must for any bathtub-related goal.

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Luxury Bath Pacific Coast

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