JNR Home Improvements

JNR Home Improvements is a unique home improvement experience that specializes in lawns, landscaping, and patio in Santa Clarita. The staff is full of great and lively individuals, which is led by their CEO Jeromie N. Roberts. The company strives to bring great customer service and a much cheaper and efficient experience for customers trying to better their lawns. The organization was voted the best in the Antelope Valley for general contractors and landscaping.

Improving Your Home Is What They Do Best

One of the services that the company specializes in is the use of the EasyTurf synthetic lawn. This is an artificial grass product that has been voted as the best choice for pet owners in Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley. It is a great choice for those that do not want to maintain, water, and garden the grass. This grass eliminates bugs, is completely porous which means that liquids pass right through the grass, and it is non toxic. Another fact about this grass is that it looks and feels exactly like real grass, not many people will be able to tell the difference.

Outside of handling artificial grass in Santa Clarita, JNR Home Improvements also specializes in patio covers, awnings, and even sunrooms. There are a few types of patio covers to choose from such as insulated covers, solar powered covers, and pergolas. The organization even offers a combination of the three for those that want a bit of variety. Sunrooms and other types of patio enclosures are offered for people that want to sit on your patio without out the weather or wind in your face.

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For people that are looking for replacement vinyl windows, look no further, as the company offers replacement windows in Santa Clarita. The company is actually a direct dealer for windows, which helps cut out the middle man. It would only take a couple of days for their skilled technicians to install the windows into your homes. These windows will help make your house colder in summer and hotter in the winter.

JNR Home Improvements is an organization that aims to please their customers by making their homes stand out. Making their customers home life easier is what this company strives to do. With great customer service, and awesome staff, and cheaper prices offered, this company settles in to be one of the best lawn and landscaping places in the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley’s.

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JNR Home Improvements

18565 Soledad Canyon Ste 176

Canyon Country, CA 91351



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