Clean, Affordable Energy

Clean energy is the new frontier in America- none more popular than solar. With solar energy, homes and businesses can reduce costs, support a healthier environment, and forgo relying on a power grid by inviting the future into your home.

With Stockdale Solar, you can embrace clean energy and bring different options and solutions into your home or business. Staffing the most knowledgeable and equipped people to guide you through the different choices and installation, no company is better to help you transform your home’s power system into clean energy. 

Clean energy is energy that when sourced and used, does not release any harmful emissions into the environment. The great thing about solar energy is that it can replace electricity, thus decreasing the impact on the environment. Solar energy is also renewable, meaning it can never be depleted or run out! Unlike other sources of energy, solar can never run out as long as our sun burns. 

A common concern with solar is what do we do on cloudy days? Or at night? How can my home be powered if there is no sun? The great thing about solar is that it can still generate energy off of the tiny bit of sunshine available on cloudy days, and can store days’ worth of energy in batteries for exactly those less-than-perfect California sun-days. The same concept applies for nighttime, when there is no sun. Those storage batteries are the perfect solution.

Your family always has the option to use solar as a supplemental or partial energy source, ready for those enforced blackout days or unexpected power outages. Most importantly, solar gives you options. You no longer need to rely on the supplied source of electricity, but can use it as much as you want in addition to your solar. 

Solar energy can save your home or business hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year. Homes in California can save as much as $2,500 per year or even more! At Stockdale Solar, their cutting edge technology and phenomenal service makes them industry leaders in the field, providing excellent service to the entirety of the California Central Valley. 

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Stockdale Solar

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