With their headquarters located in the Santa Clarita Valley, Unipest is the ultimate pest control company for both residential and commercial pest control. With many services available, Unipest helps to keep your home and garden pest free. While based in Santa Clarita the company services residents across Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Santa Clarita Pest Control

Residential pest control specialists use organic, low impact pest control methods to rid your home of ants, spiders and Black Widows, Southern California’s biggest home invaders. They will also remove German Cockroaches from your kitchens as well as “rat-proofing” your home and eliminating bed bugs.

As well as taking care of the inside of your home Unipest provides wildlife exclusion treatments to keep raccoons, rabbits, snakes, coyotes and other animals from entering your home. They also remove beehives from your property.

When removing the beehives, Unipest recognizes the role bees play in our ecosystem and try their hardest to remove the hive without harming the bees. The company works with multiple Los Angeles Beekeepers and Apiary Foundations to help maintain a healthy and plentiful bee population. They use traditional and pesticide free beehive removal methods.

Unipest works through businesses such as Santa Clarita Pest Control, Valencia Pest Control and Santa Clarita Fumigation to complete residential pest control jobs.

Commercial pest control specialists conduct restaurant sanitation consulting, commercial fumigation, and “Bed Bug dog” inspections. They control infestations once inspections are completed through Bed Bug heat treatments, rodent extermination and removal and German Cockroach elimination. These programs are all competitively priced.

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Once initial inspections have been completed there are many treatment plans that can be implemented. The treatments include fumigation (tenting), localized liquid foam treatments, Drywood termite extermination, Subterranean termite soil treatment and Orange Oil termite treatments. Similar to commercial pest control, termite treatments are competitively priced.

Unipest in Santa Clarita wants to provide residents with the best one stop solution to their pest control problems and termite infestations.

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Unipest Pest Control


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