No Bugs Organic Pest Control

No Bug Pest Control

After years of study and testing organic pesticides, Santa Clarita resident Tyler Anderson founded No Bugs Organic Pest Control. Anderson worked for years in the pest control business but was concerned about the effects of traditional pesticides on his own property and the impact they would have on him and his family. You don’t have to compromise with your Santa Clarita home. Get relief from harmful pests, as well as the peace of mind knowing your pets and family are safe from more harmful pesticides.

Family and Pet Friendly

Anderson was faced with a dilemma when his daughter was born. She suffered from numerous allergies and sensitivities, but as Anderson was getting ready to leave with her strapped into her carrier he went to get his wallet and on his way back he noticed a black spot on the armrest of the couch. While picking up his daughter’s blanket he inadvertently knocked the black spot onto the carrier. The spot quickly crawled into a corner of the seat and Anderson realized it was a black widow spider. He quickly removed his daughter from the seat and frantically searched for the spider and squished it.

This dangerous encounter sparked Anderson to find a healthy balance between pest control and products that wouldn’t activate his daughter’s allergies. He researched the best methods and began his testing. He discovered that most pest control companies didn’t use safer products because it required a less profitable business model. Due to the heat of Santa Clarita, local landscapes can harbor numerous pests. This heat also causes pesticides to degrade.

No Bugs Organic Pest Control developed a new method to treat pests. By offering unlimited revisits homes are able to use organic solutions, and keep protection strong and ongoing. Service is offered monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly to fit the needs of a range of customers.

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No Bugs Organic Pest Control is proud of their own homemade pesticide, Mint X+ is their proprietary blend that utilizes organic essential oils, mint, rosemary, and EPA-approved ingredients. Mint X+ smells great and keeps pests under control.

There are a number of plans offered. Platinum membership is the most popular and provides customers with unlimited visits where necessary. Platinum members are entitled to a Lifetime Price Guarantee. Should a price increase, membership card holders need to only present a No Bugs representative with their card to retain their original pricing.

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PO Box 221328
Newhall, CA 91322
Local Phone: (661) 294-0206
Toll Free: (800) 362-8389

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No Bugs Organic Pest Control

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