Clark Pest Control

Clark Pest Control

Helping to provide California residents with quality pest control since 1950 Clark Pest Control is one of the premier names in the Santa Clarita Valley offering the highest level of service to local residents and all across the state.

Providing both commercial and residential services, Clark Pest Control is able to continue serving a large amount of residents and commercial clients alike from Auburn to Yuba City. Whether you have some unwanted guests in your home you need removed immediately or just want to reduce the amount of insects in your garden during the springtime, Clark Pest Control will be able to help you.

Pest Control in Santa Clarita

Helping to give residential clients in California peace of mind, Clark Pest Control is able to help you eliminate any pest problems in your home or simply eliminate some unwanted guests from your garden. Clark Pest Control offers multiple Residential Pest Control Services including termite inspection and control, pest control, and yard & garden services. The termite inspection and control service includes damage repair, residential termite control, structural fumigation, termite inspections, and a termite indemnity program.

There is a world of difference between pests and pets. Yes, there are some birds and mice and even some spiders that you might want to welcome into your home as pets, but there definitely are some you do not, and Clark Pest Control wants to help you keep your pets in the house while getting the pests out. By using their Pest-Away service, they can help you keep unwanted guests out year round.

Commercial Termite Removal in Santa Clarita

Not only servicing residential locations, Clark Pest Control also offers a range of services to commercial locations to help them remove their any pests plaguing their area. With a wide range of solutions to help you clear your commercial property of pests, a few of them include services such as bed bug treatment, bird control, termite control, and rodent control.

They are proud to be one of the largest family-owned pest control companies in the United States, and the biggest in the west. They offer premier customer service through highly trained, friendly technicians who are responsive and proactive. Then they go beyond these services to guarantee their work 100 percent. When you go with Clark, you’re going with the best in pest control.

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Clark Pest Control
18345 W. Sierra Hwy, #B-12 Santa Clarita, CA 91351
Phone: (800) 882-0374

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Clark Pest Control – Santa Clarita, CA

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