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No Bug Pest Control

Helping to provide Santa Clarita residents with alternatives to the pest control chemicals that can harm your pets or children and damage your home or the environment No Bugs Organic Pest Control has developed a system that uses organic products, essential oils as well as low impact synthetic-based products that are able to keep your home pest free without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Offering multiple different packages they can help you find the perfect service just for you and your home.

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Using their own blend of natural oils and organic products they will linger less on your property and require multiple visits a year, because of this No Bugs Organic Pest Control offers three different subscription based services to best fit your home and life in the Santa Clarita Valley. The Platinum membership schedules services once every 90 days, designed for those looking for the best value and who aren’t worried about potentially picking up the phone to call for additional services if needed.

The Gold membership schedules visits once every 60 days and allows for additional no charge services if required. The Silver membership which schedules visits every 30 days and is designed for those who want the absolute most thorough removal possible and will require no additional services.

Another way that No Bugs looks to distance and improve their services from traditional competitors is by use of a backpack mounted sprayer system instead of a truck mounted sprayer, because of this they are able to ensure that there will be no trampled plants or flowers, no broken landscape lighting, more precise application, lower water usage, and particulate size allows for greater distribution and less chemical needed. Visiting more frequently than competitors allows them to limit the amount of chemicals they will need to use on your house this helps keep you and your family and pets safe from over exposure to pest control chemicals.

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Proud of being a local company No Bugs is able to provide a level of service that is unmatched because of it such as being able to return to your home the very same day that bugs reappear.

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