Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority

Mountains Receation and Conservation Authority

The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) is a local government public entity established in 1985 pursuant to the Joint Powers Act. The MRCA is a local partnership between the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, which is a state agency established by the Legislature, and the Conejo Recreation and Park District and the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, both of which are local park agencies established by the vote of the people in those communities.

Protecting our wildlife and natural environments in the Santa Clarita Valley are always important and it is a job that never ends which makes MRCA an important and valuable branch of our local governments.

Wildlife Preservation Santa Clarita

Some of the main functions of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority are regional planning and park construction services. Protecting and up keeping our natural outdoors areas is very important as the Southern California area is always growing with homes and businesses but is losing precious natural land and ecosystems. Spending time out in nature without light and sound pollution is not a simple task for Santa Clarita residents to constantly achieve.

This is why the MRCA works so hard to not only acquire land to be used recreationally but to improve and uphold protected natural areas surrounding the Santa Clarita area. The MRCA is responsible for the protection of 73,000 acres of public land throughout Southern California and is always working to increase that number and provide residents with more amazing outdoor recreational areas.

Santa Clarita Mountains

The natural landscapes and mountains and deserts that make up the Southern California area face many threats including pollution, fire, deforestation, encroaching civilization and general human interference. Working to make these areas safe and to protect them from the numerous threats the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority is always looking for ways to continue to expand the amount of recreational natural areas better cared for and safer by making easy to see and clear paths, limiting the amount of flammable materials and limiting the amount of open flames that are permitted.

The MRCA provides natural resources and scientific expertise, critical regional planning services, park construction services, park operations, fire prevention, ranger services, educational and leadership programs for thousands of youth each year, and is one of the lead agencies providing for the revitalization of the Los Angeles River.

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Mountains Recreations and Conservation Authority
570 West Avenue 26, Suite 100 Los Angeles, CA 90065
Phone: (323) 221-9944

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Mountains Recreations and Conservation Authority – Los Angeles, CA

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