Southwest Greens/Allstate Landscaping

Southwest Greens/Allstate Landscaping

With the drought currently ravaging Southern California, finding ways to save water without having to sacrifice the things you are accustomed to can be very important, and one thing that is very water consuming and necessary for any homeowner is watering their lawns and plants. Without having to sacrifice the appearance of your yard with a dead lawn, but still saving water Southwest Greens/Allstate Landscaping offers the highest quality of artificial grass and turf allowing you to have a great looking lawn while still helping with the Santa Clarita Valley water crisis. With a wide variety of products Southwest Greens will have the right one for you and your home.   

Santa Clarita Artificial Grass

Southwest Greens/Allstate Landscaping is dedicated to providing Santa Clarita Valley residents and people all over the country with a large catalog of high quality artificial grass materials and turf for both homes and commercial use. Their turf and artificial grass are intended for many different uses including, backyards and front yards, children playgrounds, golf courses and putting greens, baseball fields, tennis courts and much more.

Using these synthetic and artificial materials you are able to reduce the amount of maintenance it takes to keep it looking great and even as well as greatly reducing the amount of water needed to keep it alive, especially when it comes to athletic fields which can be very water consuming and expensive and time consuming to maintain. Saving water and saving you time and money is always a priority of Southwest Greens/Allstate Landscaping.

Residential Turf in Santa Clarita

Not only seeking to protect your grass from dehydration and overgrowth, Southwest Greens/Allstate Landscaping has developed an additional artificial turf specifically designed to withstand the punishment and abuse our four legged friends can put our lawns through. The pet turf designed by Southwest Greens/Allstate Landscaping can help protect your lawn from ugly dead spots and prevent your pets from tracking unwanted dirt and mud into the house, while still providing your pets with a cool and comfortable place to relax.

Southwest Greens’ synthetic lawns, artificial/synthetic grass and backyard putting greens set the industry standard for performance, looks, durability and environmental consciousness within the Santa Clarita Valley.

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Southwest Greens/Allstate Landscaping
15940 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91390
Phone: (661) 298-0888

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Southwest Greens/Allstate Landscaping – Santa Clarita, CA

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