LifeSource Water Systems

LifeSource Water Systems

LifeSource Water Systems has been providing the Santa Clarita Valley with safe water treatment products since 1984  with a focus on returning water to its natural state, in a way that doesn’t harm people or our planet. LifeSource Water Systems offers water filters, water softener alternatives, and drinking water systems to deliver clean great tasting water without the use of chemicals to the Santa Clarita Valley. Their systems are tested and certified have earned the Gold Seal issued by the Water Quality Association. LifeSource Water Systems are installed by factory trained plumbers and have the longest service life in the industry.

LifeSource Water Systems Conserve Water

Their Residential Water Systems conserve water, feature a zero maintenance system that gives an added convenience of never requiring maintenance or service, and no added salts. The average person uses around 100 gallons of water a day.

By reducing that water use, you can save money, energy, and water resources. LifeSource Water Systems can help you conserve water because there is no water waste.

LifeSource Water Systems carries three models in their water treatment line, all of which meet the strict standards set by the National Sanitation Foundation/American National Standards Institute-42 standards for treating municipal water. Their entry level model, The Basic Home System meets standards to treat municipal to 1.6 million gallon, their Premium  Home System to 2.5 million gallons, and their Estate Whole House System to 4 million gallons, while no other company’s water treatment system has ever been certified for more than 560,000 gallons.

LifeSource Water Is Clean Water

Their whole house water softener alternative system use the latest technology, featuring high quality components including pharmaceutical grade activated carbon water filters, Template Assisted Crystallization conditioning systems, and more to condition water without salts, chemicals, or magnets.

The average person uses around 100 gallons of water a day. LifeSource’s products reduce water use and decrease water pollution. The human body is over 70 percent water and much of that water is replenished from tap water.

Tap water’s biggest problem are the chemicals that are added during treatment. Chlorine is a known carcinogen and is the main chemical used to treat the bacteria in water.

Traditionally treated tap water has twice the amount of chlorine as a swimming pool. 98 percent of municipal water treatment plants use chlorination to treat water in the United States and many of the compounds used can have long-term adverse health effects with constant exposure.

Protect your family with the safest water choice, LifeSource Water Systems!

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LifeSource Water Systems – Pasadena, CA

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