Top Out Climbing has quickly made its mark as one of Santa Clarita’s premier spots for family fun!  With an expansive 11,500 square foot facility, Top Out is home to some of the most impressive climbing and bouldering terrain on the west coast.

Passion for rock climbing is what drives the Top Out crew to deliver unique experiences to each visitor. Recognizing the growing climbing community within the Santa Clarita Valley, Top Out Climbing offers programs tailor made for any individual, from the novice just looking for physical recreation to the seasoned climber honing their scaling skills.

The facility’s climbing routes and boulder problems are set by some of the best route setters in the world, thereby ensuring one of the most diverse and exciting indoor rock climbing terrains in the nation. The walls at Top Out Climbing provide an unconventional workout and will challenge beginners and more advanced climbers mentally and physically.

Climbers are able to purchase day passes that allow them to leave and reenter the facility throughout the day during our operating hours. The experienced professionals on the Top Out team recommend wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing and closed-toe shoes.

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Before taking on the terrain, participants are able to rent climbing shoes, harnesses and chalk. According to the staff, the specialized climbing shoes and the harness are the most critical items to secure a successful climb.

Climbing shoes are specifically designed to stick onto the climbing holds better than a typical tennis shoe would. With its extremely sticky and durable rubber soles, the shoes allow the participant a more enjoyable and safe climbing experience.

The harness allows you to utilize Top Out’s auto-belay wall, which is a great place to get used to climbing a wall with the extra safety of a rope. Chalk is used to dry out climbers hands and provide a little bit more traction when holding onto the holds.

While climbing remains the primary draw for consumers, the staff at Top Out Climbing is committed to providing programs that increase a person’s strength and flexibility.

The facility boasts a 900 square foot yoga studio located on the 2nd floor that is designed with an eco-friendly floating bamboo floor, a full wall length mirror, and a wonderful view of the climbing area. Daily yoga classes are held for beginners and advanced yogis.

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We hope you can join us on April 29th and 30th, 2017 at one of the largest California Home and Garden Shows right here in Santa Clarita!

Top Out Climbing


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