Is It Time To Embrace Braces? Embrace Your Smile In Santa Clarita Will Make That Happen

Brace yourself for an amazing experience with Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics, the Santa Clarita orthodontist office for you.

Braces, Incognito braces and Invisalign are all options for you to fix your teeth, and Santa Clarita orthodontist Embrace Your Smile is the place to go.

“We have been voted Best Orthodontist in the Santa Clarita Valley for ten consecutive years!” the Santa Clarita orthodontist office’s website reads. “We have also been consistently voted the Best Orthodontist in LA County by the Daily News. We would like to thank our patients for selecting us for these honors.”

Santa Clarita Valley orthodontists are a great bunch, and Embrace Your Smile and its team are the greatest of the great.

“Dr. Steven Gilbertson, Dr. Megan LeCornu and Dr. Pete Weber have a solid reputation on Orthodontics in the Santa Clarita community as the premier providers of orthodontics to children, teenagers and adults using Invisalign and traditional braces,” their website reads. “Together, they strive to provide orthodontic excellence and five-star customer service in a friendly, caring environment that makes each patient feel like a member of their family.”

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The team at this Valencia orthodontist office knows that patients lead busy lives, so they make sure to almost never make their patients wait for appointment times.

Integrating orthodontic treatment into your daily or weekly life is the best way to ensure that a treatment works its magic, and the team at Embrace Your Smile make this part of their practice.

“Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics caters to patients of all ages, from children visiting for their very first orthodontic appointment, to retirees who are taking time for themselves,” the Valencia orthodontist office’s website reads. “Every patient who visits can rest assured that both doctors will work with him or her to create a beautiful, healthy smile.”

For further information on their office, or to make an appointment, click here or call (661) 259-2388.

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