Audiologist In Santa Clarita Discusses The Link Between Relationships And Hearing

Santa Clarita Audiologist Nola Aronson

Santa Clarita Audiologist Nola Aronson says that hearing loss may have both psychological and physiological effects, even potentially including heart disease.

By Elora Williams

“Now they’ve linked the brain with hearing,” she says. “The brain is not being stimulated because you’re missing many sounds, and there’s just so many health problems now that come along with not being able to hear.”

Poor hearing could potentially lead to unhealthy communication, according to Aronson.

This miscommunication often leads many to isolate themselves or get into arguments, Aronson continues.

“Why are we arguing with each other?” Aronson says. “(Because) you can’t hear me or you’re not understanding what I’m saying to you and I have to repeat myself over and over again.”

With these potential implications of hearing loss, Aronson has recently began hosting what she calls “Lunch and Learns.”

“That’s what we love to do, we love to educate you about your hearing and what’s happening,” said Aronson. “Now you have a baseline and it didn’t cost you anything, and it just took a little bit of your time.”

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Aronson says the “Lunch and Learns” have been successful. While not everybody in attendance needed hearing aids, everybody learned something about hearing, according to Aronson.

“When they came into our office, they had really good questions,” said Aronson. “They knew what we were gonna do, they knew what we were looking for.”

Aronson wants Santa Clarita residents to know that there are all types of hearing price ranges and it all depends on what your needs are.

“All I want you to do is be happy. I want you to find the right thing for your environment,” concluded Aronson. “Now you’re able to do the things that you love to do.”

Advanced Audiology was founded in 2010 by Santa Clarita audiologist Nola Aronson, who has been fitting hearing aids for more than 30 years. Advanced Audiology is the largest diagnostic hearing center in the Santa Clarita Valley, focusing on clients with hearing loss, tinnitus, ears ringing and more. Hearing tests, hearing aids and new sound infrared devices are also available at Advanced Audiology in addition to a complete hearing healthcare program that includes free batteries, quarterly cleanings and adjustments.

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