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Summer is coming up and we know how hot the weather can get especially in Santa Clarita. What most people do not like about summer is the temperature inside the house. However, QC Manufacturing Inc. is here to ensure you have the best equipment against the hot atmosphere with its whole house fan called QuietCool.

QC Manufacturing Inc. provides different QuietCool products such as attic fans and garage fans that keep your house cool and refreshing. There are several homeowners in Santa Clarita that have trouble keeping up with electric bills due to their A/C equipment.

Whole House Fan in Santa Clarita

However, QuietCool products make certain that homeowners will have significant savings when they turn off their A/C and turn on their QuietCool equipment. Customers also have a wide variety of product selection that will help them save up bigtime and improve their home comfortability.

First, QC Manufatcuring Inc. manufactures attic fans that have the same capability as that of a normal air conditioner. Furthermore, these fans come with two features that customers can choose from smart attic to pro attic. Its attic fans can also reach up to the temperature of 160 degrees, which is excellent in cooling not just your attic but also your house in general.

QC Manufacturing Inc. also produces garage fans that are helpful to cool the area for a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Homeowners know how hot it can get in the garage during the day. These fans are extremely beneficial to people who spend a lot of time doing work in the garage.

On the other hand, their Classic line products are energy efficient since it contains a permanent split capacitor motor. This line of products also comes with an industry-leading 10-year motor warranty, which assures customers that they are completely covered if any parts break apart.

QC Manufacturing Inc. does not only manufacture cooling equipment for homeowners in Santa Clarita, but they also produce QuietCool accessories. For example, they provide wireless RF kits that can connect all QuietCool whole-house fans, garage fans and attic fans with each having their own personal remote.

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Overall, QC Manufacturing Inc. manufactures cooling systems and equipment to ensure homeowners are spending less on electric bills while also feeling cozy at home. With their wide variety of products, people can have different ways of improving their home comfortability, especially during the summer.

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QC Manufacturing Inc.

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