Paper Arboretum

A great way of decorating a property in Santa Clarita is with a pinwheel, but when choosing one, why not go with one that is more unique and hand assembled that allows for one to be more top quality? Paper Arboretum has been designing pinwheels and assembling them together for years.

Jerolyn Crute is the owner and creator of these majestic pinwheels. Each year she has continued to innovate and satisfy her customers with high quality pinwheels that provide a unique and beautiful design that brings out the beauty in a homeowner’s garden. Lots of hard work and dedication have been put into every pinwheel she has made, and she’s grateful to share them all with all residents in Santa Clarita.

Joy Is Jerolyn’s Motivation

According to Jerolyn Crute, for her, nothing is more beautiful than seeing a child smiling and blowing a pinwheel that she designed. This is just one example that gives her motivation to continue to design more for residents in Santa Clarita. She just loves seeing the joy that a kid gets when they get their hands on a pinwheel and she will continue to create more pinwheels for everyone in Santa Clarita because of this joy.

The amount of work put into Paper Arboretum has really paid off for Jerolyn Crute. In 2015 the company won a merit award at the The Premier Print Awards. This just shows how much her designs and artwork stand out from the rest of the competition. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, more and more people are going to hear about her company and more people will have access to her quality products.

Paper Arboretum is about creating joy and happiness. Placing one of these well designed pinwheels in front of a house or in a garden will give that location a new positive vibe that will put a smile on many faces that take notice in it. Jerolyn Crute gets motivation from these types of moments. Whenever she sees people smile at her work that encourages her to keep going and design more pinwheels for us to all enjoy. Her award winning artwork is paying off and she will continue to design many more pinwheels for us for many years to come.

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Paper Arboretum

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