Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef is a multinational multi-level company that offers top-of-the-line kitchen tools, cookbooks and food products for preparing food at the comfort of your own home. Providing the ideal cooking resources for Santa Clarita since 1980, founder Doris Christopher believed that powerful tools and quick tips can fuel a hassle-free cooking experience. She wanted to create a company that made making meals a faster and more simple adventure so you can press pause on life and enjoy a delightful meal with your loved ones.

Pampered Chef helps to bring satisfying meals to fruition and bring people together while also improving cooking skills. They offer a wide array of cooking products; ranging from bakeware, cutlery, stoneware, blenders, seasonings and meal starter kits. Their products are simple and easy to use, allowing you to enjoy the cooking process with zero fuss.

Their accessible website works as not only an online store but a welcoming community as well. They provide a myriad of online recipes for not only meals but even cocktails and desserts. They also feature a blog where chefs can share their experiences with Pampered Chef products and the delicacies they’ve created.

Sales Consultant Helena Johnson has a committed goal for sharing her Pampered Chef passion with others and building the community that has given her so many enjoyable memories. She has been a devoted fan of their products since the mid-80’s and believes in them enough to share her stories with cooks who are searching for easier and more enjoyable methods.

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Her views are simple and thoughtful, quoting: “With so many outside activities, cooking and eating at home is not the normal these days. But if I can show families how to quickly and easily fix just one meal per week and eat together around the dinner table, then I will be one happy person. With Pampered Chef, you can have all the tools to assist you in fixing quick, healthy, and yummy meals for the whole family”. Pampered Chef presents top-notch supplies for any Santa Clarita resident eager to advance in the cooking world with a smile on their face. Contact Helena on their website today to purchase their products, join their consultant team, or learn some new and exciting recipes.

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Pampered Chef


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