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Overhead Storage Solutions rack in garage

Storage units have always been the simple solution to an overcrowded garage or attic, but come with the disadvantage of working around a unit’s hours and having your items stored miles away from convenient usage. Overhead Storage Solutions has the answer, introducing and installing top quality racks for adjustable ceiling and wall shelves, making storage convenient in Santa Clarita since 1998.

Paying a storage unit is a thing in the past, as Overhead Storage Solutions offers options for any garage: pitched, angled, dry-walled, lofted or even low ceiling.

Affordable Garage Shelves

If you are located in the Santa Clarita Valley and eager to create a more organized space, Overhead’s steel racks are a quarter the cost of typical garage cabinets and designed to hold hundreds of pounds. Their team doesn’t require your space cleaned prior to installation; a restriction that might hold you back from wanting to get started. In just under 2 hours, Overhead can complete the job and allow you that peace of mind when parking your car in an organized garage.

Once hired, The Overhead team will just need to determine the configuration of your garage before installation (how many racks necessary, size of racks, storage options for holiday items, etc). Photos of completed jobs and layouts will also be provided to help visualize a future for your garage (photos can also be found on their website).

Their professional installers work directly with the company, so you won’t have to worry about sub-contractors straying away from the company’s unified vision.

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Overhead Storage Solutions has never had a garage unable to accommodate their shelves in all 22 years of their service to the Santa Clarita Valley. All shelves include a lifetime warranty to ensure your confidence in Overhead as the quick fix to your clutter.

The accessibility provided by Overhead Storage Solutions helps you save monthly fees at the storage unit and allows you access to your belongings whenever is convenient for you: the way it should be. Call Rick today and him and his dedicated crew will work with you to create your ideal space; the countless online positive reviews would agree!

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Overhead Storage Solutions

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