SCVi Charter School

SCVi Charter School

Founded in 2008, SCVi Charter School offers a welcoming option for parents in the Santa Clarita Valley. Serving grades TK-12, they strive to prepare learners for the 21st Century with critical thinking, creative and collaborative skills through project-based learning, where children are free to craft their presentations in any style they want.

Public Tuition-Free Charter School in Santa Clarita

For over 10 years, SCVi Charter School has been known for its project-based learning approach. Project-based learning is a revolutionary method of instruction that requires collaboration, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Every learner tackles deep and engaging projects about real-world issues that involve critical thinking, inquiry, synthesis, and culminate those skills in their Presentations of Learning (POLs) to their peers, facilitators, and parents. SCVi’s rigorous program is designed around the expectation that 21st-century learners will become entrepreneurs, leaders, and game changers. Our learners are challenged in an open environment that is similar to modern workspaces, and our small campus creates a community that allows creativity to thrive.

SCVi believes in open-ended play, which is essential for the development of physical, cognitive, and social-emotional skills. Many children go home after school to play on their technology or attend extracurricular classes and sports. At SCVi, our goal is to provide an environment where our learners are free to create, explore, problem-solve, take risks, and grow to become independent and self-reliant citizens. Not only this allows children to be ready for college, but they are also ready to participate and contribute to our global economy.


Back in 2008, Amber Raskin was looking for something different. Amber has observed that the traditional school system was not preparing children for a 21st-century workspace, and she wanted her children to have unique opportunities to flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. Amber traveled around the world, working hard to bring an international perspective to her family. She then met Dawn Evenson, a devoted mother with decades of teaching and administrative experience. Both envisioned something more than what their children were experiencing in a traditional public school. Amber and Dawn wanted to create a system of education that challenged a child, prepared them for critical thinking, and turned them into lifelong problem-solvers. Thus, SCVi was born. The school opened to the public for the first time in 2008 and has been a successful branch of the iLEAD school network to this day.

Building Students With A Promising Future

Students at SCVi graduate at a rate of 14% more than most students, enroll in college 9% more than the national average and stay in college at a rate of 83%. Being a charter school, the educational curriculum is set up so that it is a personalized, project-based learning environment for students, with grade levels ranging from transitional-kindergarten to all the way through high school. Every student is guaranteed to be prepared for the future ahead, as they are continuously put through hands-on learning objectives and goals. Students also gain higher-order thinking skills 77% more than their comparison group in their high school years. SCVi is part of what makes the Santa Clarita Valley one of the top areas for well-educated students. In 2019, SCVi achieved a graduation rate of 100%, the highest graduation rate in Santa Clarita since the school first opened.

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SCVi Charter School is committed to preparing the children of Santa Clarita for a bright and plentiful future ahead of them. The educators at this fine institution are devoted to their students, making sure they are one-on-one to each child and finding what fits their particular needs.

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SCVi Charter School

28060 Hasley Canyon Road
Castaic, CA 91384

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