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clark pest control

Clark Pest Control is a family owned business that has been providing the best pest control services for the Santa Clarita Valley for almost 70 years, since 1950. They provide the finest pest control and turf and ornamental experience you will find. Their business is your safety, and they are committed to make your home a safe place to live without any worry for annoying pests.

Clark Pest Control Offers Commercial And Residential Pest Control In Santa Clarita

Clark prides themselves as they are one of the largest family owned pest control company in the United States. They have a passion for providing safe pest control and devote themselves to keeping you, the client, safe from pests.

They offer premier customer service with their highly trained, professional, and friendly technicians who rid your pest problem. Because they prioritize urgency, they provide same day pest inspection for free. That way, you get an immediate quote and an idea of what is going on in your home so you have an idea on the situation. Clark goes above and beyond by guaranteeing their services 100 percent.

Annoying pests are often hard to completely get rid of. For example, bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of and often come back as there could be one or two hiding after an extermination. As a result, they offer year round pest control service. This means they are constantly exceeding expectations by following through after their initial service for a whole year. Due to this, they are able to ensure customer satisfaction.

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During exterminations, there are many chemicals used. As a result, it can be harmful to the environment. Clark cares about the environment and as a result, they have more GreenPro-certified technicians trained in integrated pest management (IPM) and green practices than any other pest control or extermination company. Additionally, their S.M.A.R.T.™, or Sustainable Methods and Responsible Treatments, offer green solutions for all your pest control and lawn care needs. Their team always employs the most advanced pest control techniques and methods to ensure a healthy environment.

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Phone: (800) 882-0374

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Clark Pest Control

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