Me So Hungry

Are you ready to take a bite out of Me So Hungry food truck? This truck, created by a top chef and a group of Westside food lovers, are dedicated to bring gourmet food and quality to the people of Los Angeles without skyrocketing prices. Fresh, fresh, fresh is what you need to think when seeing Me So Hungry food truck lingering on your street! They serve up a nice fusion of world flavors, so whether you’re seeking LA’s best short rib slider, sweet potato fries, or a delicious Peanut Butter and Jelly burger, you’ll find something to tantalize your taste buds here.

Flavorful Fun On Your Taste Buds

What’s that flavor in your mouth? Oh, just a delicious concoction of bold tastes, fiery sauces, and uncommon combinations that will make you ask, “how and why does this taste so good?” The menu changes seasonally, so whether you’re a one time customer or you do a monthly drop in, you’ll find something new on their menu. The world’s best restaurants change their menus seasonally as well, and Me So Hungry brought the same concept to its own food truck. The ingredients stay fresh and can cater to the foodie scene dually purposed. The food is made to order, so bring your appetite and your craving for delicious, gourmet food!

Creating a Legacy

Executive Chef Cory Ewing designs and cooks all the tasty small and large monster plates. Chef Cory, as he likes to be addressed, spans a career from McCormick and Schmicks to the Four Seasons Hotel. Cooking for more than 15 years, he recently owned and operated his own catering business. Being trained at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, Chef Cory modernizes his creative plates infusing them with bold flavors and ingredients. He takes a laid-back, simple approach, incorporating his love for outdoors, by grilling, seafood, and international cuisine. Chef Cory is joined by Mike Ewing, President of Me So Hungry in delivering delicious meals to west-siders.

The food truck can be found throughout LA county from catering private events, to parking lots, and festivals. So, if you see the Me So Hungry food truck, you better come hungry and dive into one of their delicious plates.

To learn more about Me So Hungry click here

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Me So Hungry Food Truck

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