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EF Educational Homestay

Education First’s Educational Homestay program places students from different countries into loving, caring homes in the Santa Clarita Valley. These students experience daily life in a country different from their own. Families in the Santa Clarita Valley have hosted students from France, Spain, Germany, China, and Hong Kong. The Educational Homestay program supports and promotes cross-cultural exchange. Both families and participants benefit from sharing their language and culture.

Every summer, Santa Clarita families are urgently needed to meet the demand of students looking to stay in the United States through the Educational Homestay program. Families with Educational Homestay provide room and board, as well as a stable, caring environment for students to fully experience cultural immersion in another country. Educational Homestay compensates host families, and encourages them to attend student excursions to the beach, amusement parks, and museum facilitated by the program.

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Students And Families Can Make Meaningful, Lasting Connections Through The EF Homestay Program

Founded in 1965, Education First is a privately-held, company with 400 International Language Centers in over 50 countries. Students in the Educational Homestay program attend these centers during their stay in the United States, which range from a few weeks to more than a month. The educational activities are part of EF’s personalized learning courses. These courses serve to familiarize students with local customs, and help them advance their language skills. All courses limited to 17 students, so participants can receive individualized attention and comprehensive instruction within the classroom. Students can earn college credit for enrolling in the EF immersion program, and SCV families can earn more than 60 hours of community service for hosting them during their stay.

Students and families can make meaningful, lasting connections through the EF Homestay program. The Homestay program welcomes hundreds of students each year to the Santa Clarita Valley. Some families in the area have hosted girls and boys from around the world year after year, and they come away from every experience with terrific memories and deep friendships.

Santa Clarita residents can visit the EF Homestay website to find out how they can enroll as hosts or participants in this rewarding program that turns families and students around the world into global citizens for the 21st century.

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EF Educational Homestay


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