Harmony Hollows

Harmony Hollows

Missing some magic in your life? Harmony Hollows has the fantasy solution in the form of fairy and gnome houses, fairy accessories and other garden decor.

Harmony Hollows started with a dedication to unique creations and delicate craftsmanship. Kathy and Steven Lockhart started the business after they began making fairy and gnome houses for their young granddaughter, Eva, who loved to chase fireflies in Grandpa’s garden.

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This hobby became an enjoyable activity for Kathy and Steven and they decided to expand their small projects into a business. The gnome and fairy houses are a way for the couple to spread a little bit of magic to believers.Harmony Hollows

In addition to the houses, Harmony Hollows also makes small fairy accessories, container gardens, and other seasonal items. Come to an event and check out the miniature weathervanes, mushrooms, mailboxes and entire mystical scenes captured within a small terracotta containers.

The container garden enhances the magic by adding a new dimension to the houses. Each contains an entire scene complete with a wise tree, small house with its own garden and, of course, fairies!

The houses themselves contain intricate design and a superb attention to detail. They provide an excellent addition to any garden with small doors, miniature fences, potted plants and vegetative accouterments. The houses themselves are miniature windows into the world of fairies and gnomes and are a great addition to any garden or home.

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Harmony HollowsSeasonal items from Harmony Hollows can bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to your fairy village creations, with miniature Santa mailboxes, fairy Santa hat’s and mini wreath’s.

Through its crafts, Harmony Hollows hopes to create a flicker of magic for its customers to enjoy. The company started as a hobby for Kathy and Steven and has grown into the business it is today.

The couple hosts events each week in the Santa Clarita Valley where you can see what the have to offer and purchase these unique creations for your home. The events occur throughout the valley in places such as the food truck invasion and the stadium parking lot at the College of the Canyons.

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Harmony Hollows


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