Working From Home With A Headset!

by Carl Goldman
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Working from Home with a Headset!

With increasing technology and the requirement of change these days, companies are becoming aware of doing different adaptations in their working mode and structure. If you are tired of your routine desktop work and want to continue your routine activities without any interruption, we have a solution for using noise-blocking headsets.

These headsets are very helpful in sending clear, intelligible audio especially used in call centers. In this way, companies can surely help employees by making sure work from home by using these headsets.

In this tutorial, we will discuss how can use these noise-blocking headsets for working remotely.

Best headsets for working from home:

We have to consider here the foremost thing that not all headsets are completely compatible to plug in home-based landlines. For this purpose, we have to go for alternative plugging methods and routes that will be corded and wireless sometimes.

Plantronics T110 Practica Headset Telephone:

The wearing style headset comes along with a corded Noise blocking headset with having fully functional dial pad. This is designed for a single line, just plug this Plantronics T110 Practica Headset Telephone into the telephone jack.


It is the best option for working from home and includes the following features Mute, Redial, and Flash without creating bells and whistles.

Plantronics CT14 DECT 6.0 1.9Ghz Cordless Headset Telephone:

If you want to install a wireless setup home office, you must go for it. It is based on wearing a 2-1 convertible style that you can wear easily.


It has the convenience of DECT frequency that allows you to roam about 300 feet away. It has an LCD screen with the access to Caller ID and a dial pad allowing you to dial numbers, and answers call by virtually pressing any keys.

Computers-based headsets if you are working on your Laptop or PC:

Jabra EVOLVE 20SE UC Mono USB Computer Headset:

The most affordable and recently launched headset in the market that has appealing features and is designed for wearing on the head covering 1 ear and noise-canceling microphone.

It works virtually with any computer USB-A port and controls volume.

Plantronics C3225 Blackwire Stereo USB Headset + 3.5mm MS Skype:

The next headset that brings practicality and can be attached virtually to any computer, Tablet, smartphone, and portable electronics is  Plantronics C3225. It has versatile features of using at any time for home workers.


USB adapter mode can control answer calls, volume, and mute. It is certified for use on Microsoft Skype for dealing with business activities.

Yealink UH36-Dual Stereo USB-A w/3.5mm Headset Microsoft Teams:

This new headset has unique features and best in quality at an affordable price. UH36 is best in using in your working activities due to its effectual qualitative point of view.

Sennheiser SC 260 USB PC Headset Microsoft Skype Certified:

Sennheiser SC offers the best wearing headset covering both ears, is rotatable according to user needs, having large ear cushions with noise-blocking headset capability.

It has a pivotable boom so you can easily bend and find the right position.

Sennheiser SC 260 USB PC
has ActiveGard technology that protects you from sudden gushes and acoustic shock changes.

Jabra Evolve2 40 MS Stereo Corded Headset USB-C Wired Headset:

Jabra involves the best sound quality along with volume control, Skype activities, adjustable cushion ears, and a headset.

Jabra EVOLVE 75 MS Stereo Bluetooth USB Headset w/charging stand:

Jabra includes a multi-pairing, wireless headset with a range of 100 ft and active noise cancellation technology. You can find the best hearing services here.

You can order here if you are interested!


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