If You Want Straighter Teeth, Talk With Embrace Your Smile About Trying Invisalign

Embrace Your Smile is the Santa Clarita orthodontist office for you if you are trying to fix your teeth but you may want to keep it as low key as possible.

While traditional metal braces are excellent for fast results and quality teeth care, some patients at Embrace Your Smile choose options like Invisalign.

“Dr. Steven Gilbertson, Dr. Megan LeCornu and Dr. Pete Weber have a solid reputation on Orthodontics in Santa Clarita community as the premier providers of orthodontics to children, teenagers and adults using Invisalign and traditional braces,” the Embrace Your Smile website reads.

When you pay a visit to the orthodontists at Embrace Your Smile, you are signing up for a friendly chat and discussion about what are the best options for you.

“Using a custom-made series of aligners created and designed specifically for you by Dr. Gilbertson, Dr. LeCornu and Dr. Weber, Invisalign begins transforming your smile from the day your treatment is initiated with Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics!” the Santa Clarita orthodontist office’s website reads.

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The real beauty of Invisalign is its ability to transform a smile while not being visible to those with whom you interact, adding an air of discreetness to your orthodontal care.

The team uses Invisalign’s advanced digital and 3D technology, to give you a ‘glimpse into the future’ of your final results.

“We keep you on the road to Invisalign success with support and encouragement,” the Embrace website reads. “Consistent visits with our Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics team approximately every 6-8 weeks ensure you stay on track. You’ll achieve a confident, healthy, great smile with little interference in your daily life.”

Give them a call or even pay them a visit! The orthodontic team at this Santa Clarita braces office will be able to help you.

The Embrace Your Smile office can be found at 23206 Lyons Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 91321, and the team can be reached at (661) 259-2388.

For more information on the team at Embrace Your Smile, click here.

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