Advanced Audiology Is ‘Very Safe’ For People Facing Hearing Loss

Advanced Audiology

Nola Aronson from Advanced Audiology is letting the community know that her office is a “very safe” place for people facing hearing loss to find solutions.

“We are back in business after having to be closed for three months, and we are taking very specific precautions and following the CDC guidelines,” Aronson said. “Because we are a medical practice, we follow those guidelines normally as far as disinfecting everything, but it is very safe to come into our practice and not have to worry about anything.”

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Because the general public has been wearing face masks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Aronson pointed out that an increasing number of seniors are realizing that they have difficulties hearing.

“I don’t think people realize how much they do read people’s lips,” Aronson said, referring to face coverings preventing this. “They’ve been having a very difficult time understanding without being able to read people’s lips, as people do naturally.”

Aronson stressed how important it is to find an audiologist in Santa Clarita with experience, adding that hearing devices are not commodities and they require knowledge and expertise to be properly fitted and serviced over time.

“Fitting a hearing aid is not an easy task, and one thing that we have over almost everybody else around in the valley is experience,” Aronson said. “I’ve been doing this for 40 years and I’ve been in the Santa Clarita Valley for 33 years.”

Completely different results can come from a hearing aid when it is fitted by one person versus someone else, depending on their experience and knowledge, according to Aronson.

“Somebody can fit a hearing aid that’s cheaper … and get a different product than I would get with the same exact technology, and that’s because I understand the technology and I understand the needs of the person to hear better, and so does my staff,” Aronson said. “So that’s a very important factor that people don’t realize, that a hearing aid is not just a commodity, a hearing aid is a medical device.”

Additionally, hearing aids need ongoing service to be properly maintained, including replacement of batteries, adjustments and cleanings, so it is vital that someone trusts a well-established Santa Clarita audiologist for the life of the hearing aid, Aronson noted.

“Adjustments and service are very important when you purchase a hearing aid, and you have to make sure that person is going to be there for you and around,” Aronson said. “So you need to look at, how long has somebody been in business and how many years have they served?”

The financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on individuals is even being taken into consideration when it comes to cost at Advanced Audiology.

“We are offering better pricing to try to help people,” Aronson said. “We do those things to help our community and people hear better, because that is so important.”

Advanced Audiology was founded in 2010 by Santa Clarita audiologist Nola Aronson, who has been fitting hearing aids for more than 30 years. Advanced Audiology is the largest diagnostic hearing center in the Santa Clarita Valley, focusing on clients with hearing loss, tinnitus, ears ringing and more. Hearing tests, hearing aids and new sound infrared devices are also available at Advanced Audiology in addition to a complete hearing healthcare program that includes free batteries, quarterly cleanings and adjustments.

Advanced Audiology
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Advanced Audiology Is ‘Very Safe’ For People Facing Hearing Loss


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