Achieving A Beautiful, Straight Smile Is Super Simple And Rewarding

If you’re looking for the perfect solution for crooked teeth or under/overbites, look no further than Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics.

Our team of Orthodontists have helped over 9000 patients and have a combined 75 years of experience when it comes to creating beautiful smiles. We have patients from young children to older adults who are taking the time to care for themselves.

We offer traditional and nontraditional styles of braces, such as Invisalign clear aligners and “Incognito” hidden braces that are placed behind the teeth, so they are discrete and hidden from plain sight.

Our traditional metal braces are sleeker and more stylish than ever before.

You can still choose to add your favorite colors to your brackets and they will feel more comfortable and move with your teeth as they straighten.

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Show off your cool braces by showing off your school colors or your favorite sports team color scheme.

Do you have a child not quite ready for braces?

They are invited to join the Grin Gang Kids’ club!

Here we monitor their ongoing development and growth and begin to create a plan before putting braces on. We are passionate about helping our patients’ and their families overcome financial burden and offer various treatment plans that are flexible for every unique patient.

We have 2 offices within the Santa Clarita Valley, and you can visit our website at for contact info and more information about our treatment plans. While there you can also check out our information on a financial plan that works best for you and your family.

Your smile will thank you after visiting Embrace Your Smile-guaranteed.

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