A Perfect Smile With Incognito Braces For Teens And Adults

Embrace Your Smile dentistry and orthodontics office in Santa Clarita offer their patients various teeth straightening options, their most prominent being incognito braces.

Incognito braces are 100% customizable and hidden braces located and placed behind the teeth for a seamless look.

Embrace Your Smile dentists in Santa Clarita guarantee a perfect smile with incognito braces for teens and adults.

Incognito braces have inherently different benefits that differentiate them from regular braces and Invisalign.

Incognito braces are adjustable and customizable for all different smiles, which can help minimize the time which treatment is needed.

Other benefits to getting incognito braces include minimal speech interference, minimal discomfort, require few wire adjustments and high quality results.

Comfort is a very important aspect about incognito braces, many people can agree regular braces can often be uncomfortable.

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As a result of wire adjustments and tightening, regular braces can often be off-putting for many people, but with incognito braces, little to no adjustments to the wire need to be made, making it much more comfortable to use.

People wear incognito braces not only for comfort but to make their life exceptionally easier.

Musicians who play wind instruments might have a hard time playing their instrument if they have regular braces. Incognito braces, because they are hidden behind the teeth, make instrument playing much easier.

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Incognito braces from Embrace Your Smile in Santa Clarita also works for adults and teens who play contact sports. For many people, wearing braces and playing contact sports can be dangerous.

However, with incognito braces, because they are behind the teeth, hits to the face won’t cause your braces to cut you.

Regular braces have been often known to damage the front part of people’s teeth. However, with incognito braces, patients can confidently wear them knowing their straight teeth won’t be damaged after they take the braces off.

At Embrace Your Smile in Santa Clarita, patients feel like they are part of a family, and they are well taken care of by professionals and specialists dedicated to helping you.

Embrace Your Smile dentist office in Santa Clarita will help you achieve your dream smile with incognito braces for a natural look.

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