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With all the rain, have you noticed your rain gutter is clogged up and not working correctly? Lucky for you, Leaf Filter Gutter Protection has just the thing to fix it.

The product is a patented leaf filter that guarantees the removal of all debris from the rain gutter.

While keeping debris out of the rain gutter may be the main reason for purchasing, it has many more benefits than just that.

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One of the top benefits is you will never need to clean out the gutters again because they are fully enclosed.

Since it is enclosed, pests, insects and other creatures cannot get in and potentially nest there.

The leaf filter is designed with a low profile, so nothing is visibly sticking out of the rain gutters.

All leaf filters are installed by a professional from Leaf Filter Gutter Protection, so there are no worries that they are put on incorrectly.

Along with the professional installation, the gutter will be cleaned, sealed, realigned and reinforced.

If the Leaf Filter is damaged, clients can contact Leaf Filter Gutter Protection for a new one through the lifetime warranty.

The leaf filter is a micromesh screen made out of surgical-grade stainless steel, which rarely rusts or corrodes.

Furthermore, the micromesh is so fine—just 275 microns—that not even shingle grit can pass through it.

The leaf filter frame is made of durable uPVC material that will never deteriorate or warp.

To top it all off, the gutter guard is pre-installed at the ideal angle to divert water and leaves.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection aims to keep the gutter clear, but the leaf filter products go beyond that.

Leaf filters protect the entire home from room to foundation; the damage caused by clogged gutters can be devastating. With leaf filters, homeowners are protected and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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