Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison

With the climate changing drastically and with temperatures rising, residents in the Santa Clarita Valley are lucky to have such a reliable electricity company. Southern California Edison has been providing clean air for all residents in Santa Clarita for decades and has been strengthening their equipment with new technologies that reduce wildfire risks.

They also offer a marketplace with a variety of products for homeowners to save more electricity and lower those electricity bills. Santa Clarita Edison is looking to save all homeowners money on their electricity bills and provide the latest tech on their products to provide long lasting, clean energy.

Edison, Southern California’s Electrical Utility

This is southern California. The weather here gets really dry and hot every year. This increases the chance of another wildfire happening. Luckily in Santa Clarita, Edison has prepared for these types of situations. They are on a 24 hour watch 7 days a week. They have a Situational Awareness Center with high-resolution weather data maps that will help identify extreme weather conditions to locate where the most likely area of a wildfire might start, but it doesn’t stop there. Edison has also installed weather stations to provide real time information in regards to wind, temperature, and humidity. If conditions look really bad and there are potentially trees or other vegetation that might be at risk for starting a fire near power lines, Edison will remove them before anything disastrous may start. Lastly, to take one more precaution, Edison is upgrading their electric system including, stronger poles, insulated wires, and fast acting fuses to eliminate fire risks. Santa Clarita Edison is doing everything they can to remove all wildfire risks and keeping electricity always up and running.

For Santa Clarita residents looking to lower the monthly electric bill, Edison offers a few different products and rebates that will save homeowners money. They offer smart thermostat rebates, electric vehicle rebates, home or business area network rebates, and variable speed pool pump rebates. Edison is doing everything they can to save all homeowners some extra cash.

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Santa Clarita Edison knows what they are doing. They believe in clean and long lasting energy. They are upgrading their technologies, removing all fire hazards to keep their power lines protected, and they are offering products that any Santa Clarita homeowner can buy to save more money on their electricity bill. Edison is doing everything they can to save all residents as much money as possible and continues to provide clean energy of all homeowners.

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Southern California Edison

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