Whiteswan Pools and Spas

Whiteswan Pools and Spas

Whiteswan Pools and Spas of the Santa Clarita Valley is the premier pool and hot tub spa vendor in the area. It is one of the oldest and largest pool and spa companies, with a history of repairs on portable spas spanning over forty years. Whiteswan has locations in the Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Santa Clarita Valley to be able to service multiple communities.

Pools And Spas In Santa Clarita

Owning a personal hot tub spa is like owning a personal masseuse. At Whiteswan, they offer choices from a variety of reputable vendors including Dimension One Spas, Marquis Spas, Artesian Spas, and Coast Spas. They have multiple showroom locations so customers can browse and select the spa most suited for them.

Not only is the massage and relaxation the main allure of the hot tub, but there are also many health benefits included in regular use of a spa. Said benefits include better circulation, improved breathing, healthy bones, and joints, sharpening your brain, removing body toxins, and reducing inflammation.

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Whiteswan also offers pools and swim spas alongside their hot tubs spas. With their Dolcevita collection, Santa Clarita residents are able to have a luxury pool in their own backyard. The Dolcevita pools are a collection of outdoor, above ground pools. Whiteswan states that these pools turn “your backyard into an Oasis,” and owning one is a “fun and fulfilling experience.”

Alongside these above ground pools, there are also swim spas, which are pools combined with a spa. Variations include Aquatic Training Vessels, or ATV, is the strongest swim spa on the planet designed by six-time Ironman Competition winner Dave Scott. Tidalfit Swim Spas, which offer specially designed semi-inground models designed to make installation easier and less expensive. If you’re torn between a pool or a hot tub, the dual temperature swim spas give you the pool and hot tub in one. Their last swim spa option is designed to help you maintain your health, with both swim and massage jets included.

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19443 Soledad Canyon Road
Suite 115
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
Phone: (661) 490-9523

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Whiteswan Pools and Spas


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