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With over 20 years of experience under their belt, Window Genie has earned the trust of each homeowner in the Santa Clarita Valley. The company has been offering cleaning services such as window tinting, pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

Some homeowners in Santa Clarita do not clean their windows mainly because they either do not have the time for it or they are having a hard time cleaning it. However, they do not need to worry since Window Genie is providing home services with their experienced team that is well-trained.

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There is a lot of competition in the home services industry but what makes Window Genie unique is their commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, not only do they clean windows and gutters, but the company also clean solar panels and sell home window film products and installations.

In terms of their window cleaning service, Window Genie uses a three-step process to ensure your window is fully clean in every area including the edges and sills. In addition, they use professional-grade equipment to make certain that 99.9% of the water and dirt from the pores of the glasses will completely dissolve.

On the other hand, if you want your driveway, sidewalks and patios look clean and presentable then Window Genies’ pressure washing is the best option for you. The home service company makes sure that grime, dirt, and algae build-up will be removed in no time leaving your home clean and well-groomed.

Additionally, there are some homeowners that experience basement water issues and cracked foundations mainly because they do not often clean their gutters. Window Genie can help you solve this problem with the company’s fully trained and professional cleaning technicians. They will ensure that your gutter is washed properly to prevent you from spending big bucks trying to replace new ones.

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Other than cleaning services, Window Genie also offers window tinting that deflects harmful UV rays, which can result in skin damage and fading furniture. The great thing about this specific service is that they provide a wide selection of materials in terms of color and shades that suit your home design and budget. Ultimately, Window Genie is always prepared to accommodate the neighborhood of Santa Clarita with their exceptional customer service in home cleaning and window tinting.

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