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Money Mailer is the superb source for local savings in the Santa Clarita Valley. They have delivered convenient and useful coupons to homes across America since 1979. Money Mailer helps people in the community save money on a regular basis while also helping local businesses thrive. They strive to be the ultimate shopping resource for both customers and businesses.

Coupons and Savings in SCV

Their hefty envelopes are filled to the brim with coupons to all your favorite neighborhood spots, ranging from restaurants and entertainment to home decor. They make it simple to shop locally and explore deals with zero inconvenience. Understanding that physical coupons can be easy to misplace, they offer a mobile app where electronic coupons can be used to your advantage. Their detailed website allows you to search coupons by business, finding savings for specific companies you appreciate. Not only do they help the community save money, but businesses who appear in the coupons get plenty of advertisement and customer attention.

Money Mailer provides a diverse group of businesses a great opportunity to share their story to a community that may have otherwise not heard of them. They have the ability to reach plenty of high income consumers to help smaller businesses grow financially, contributing to a strong Santa Clarita economy.

A business owner claims, “We were using a different advertising agent for a while and were not getting the bang for our buck. Money Mailer brought us a huge flow of all different customers, allowing us to serve people from all walks of life who were excited to try out our business and save money doing it. The coverage of people and amount of homes Money Mailer introduced us to really shows throughout our clientele.”

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If you are in Santa Clarita and longing for a consistent system to save money in your local community, Money Mailer is the choice for you. If you own a small business and wondering how more people can hear about you, Money Mailer is there to support your dream and spread the news for all to hear.

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Money Mailer

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