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Recruiting candidates for your small business can be tough, due to factors like time-constraints, limited funding or inability to find candidates that fit the job description you’re searching for. With Amarakesh, they offer solutions to help companies build their staff without breaking the bank. Amarakesh is the ultimate option for job sourcing and has been serving the Santa Clarita Valley for years, helping small businesses find employees that only contribute to your success.

Amarakesh vows to lower your turnover and attract a great team to help your company grow. They offer services such as video interviews, access to career fairs, and specific application templates tailored to your company to narrow down candidate options.

Career Recruitment In Santa Clarita

Amarakesh presents three tiers for their monthly subscription, bronze, silver and gold. Each tier offers different services that help supply ideal candidates for you. Bronze tier will post your business on 4 major job boards and Silver tier will allow you access to all video interviews with eager, future employees. The Gold tier is the only option that provides company access to annual job fairs as well as posting your business on 6 major job boards rather than 4.

These affordable options give you a broad range of what is possible with Amarakesh and what your business might look like after signing up for their easy-to-use service. Their company motto is, “Let us be the reason you look back with pride. Press play on your future, because we are here to help.” Amarakesh will put your company interest first, making sure that your values and priorities are exemplified in the candidates they send your way.

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With extensive research and analysis on applicants, you can comfortably focus on your business, knowing that your recruitment needs are being addressed in the most professional manner. Visit them on their website today to find out what tier would work best for you. Their experience decreasing turnover while also increasing your business’ achievements is a must for any small business owner in Santa Clarita; you won’t regret it!

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