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Providing the Santa Clarita Valley with cutting edge and industry-leading products, such as Fully Plantable Retaining Walls and Flexible and Plantable Concrete Paving Systems, Soil Retention provides Southern California residents with their Verdura, Driveable Grass and Enviroflex products. Commercial contractors and homeowners alike can use these products to help create modern, durable, versatile building materials for all kinds of uses from parking lots, to irrigation ditches, to public zoos.

After arriving from Sweden and opening his own building company in 1987, founder Jan Jansson realized a need for more durable, higher quality, flexible, and plantable retaining wall system, so he got together with his development team at Soil Retention and developed the Verdura Retaining Wall Block System. Available to both large commercial builders and DIY homeowners alike in the Santa Clarita Valley, the Verdura System allows anyone to create steepened slopes that can help add more usable land by allowing you to plant anywhere on the slope all without the need for poured concrete or rebar.

Verdura Retaining Walls Santa Clarita

After continuing to develop more intuitive and smarter products, Soil Retention rolled out their Driveable Grass and Enviroflex systems. Bringing an erosion-resistant drivable surface with their Drivable Grass System, no longer do you need to worry about managing heavy storm waters and their effects on your driveway or parking lot.

The Drivable Grass System saves the need for irrigation channels and water storage as it is able to manage water through biofiltration and infiltration saving you space and maintenance costs. Serving commercial builders with their Enviroflex vertically interlocking articulating concrete block system, an easy to transport, vandalism free, low maintenance erosion control system for use in areas with high velocity water flow.

Santa Clarita Driveable Grass

Whether you are a big time contractor or homeowner looking to do some home improvement, the Soil Retention line of products can help you in creating a cost efficient, low maintenance, memorable structure be it a service road or parking lot using their Driveable Grass system to better withstand heavy storm damage, or if you are looking to create large fully plantable retaining walls with their Verdura Retaining wall system.

Also serving large scale builders with their Enviroflex System in the building of drainage areas and high water flow channels, Soil Retention allows you a level of flexibility and reliability that is unmatched.

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Soil Retention

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