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As the song goes, a house is not a home; well not until it’s a place you want to live in. A Royal Suite has been helping the residents of Santa Clarita pull home furnishings together since 1978. From living room furniture to bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture to dining room furniture, or sleep centers to futons, the knowledgeable staff at A Royal Suite have the expertise to make your living space the home you deserve.

The dining room—so misnamed.  The full impact of this room on your well-being, as well as your nutritional requirements, is lost if you just go by the name “dining room.”

So much more happens around the dining room table than just ‘dining’ these days.  Homework, term papers, art projects, fiery political discussions, Facetime chats, wine tastings, company startup discussions, home refinancing; sometimes, people even eat in the dining room!  Whatever activity might dominate your use of the dining room table, make sure you have a table that facilitates the next great idea or favorably displays your latest cuisine by checking with the people at A Royal Suite, on Carl Boyer Road in Santa Clarita, right across from Sam’s Club.

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Size, color, texture, and number of chairs.  Do you want a small setting to give the room a high-end yet intimate setting, or a slightly larger-than-needed placement of table and chairs for friends and family that seem to always drop by because your house is the designated ‘meeting place’ for your circle?  It can be slightly overwhelming and an almost impossible task to complete as you try to tie the dining room and its various components together into a coherent setting that sends the right message to others about how the room is used, or how you would like the room to be used.

Dining room table—with or without expansion leaf?  How many chairs are needed?  Need a matching console for holding food closer to your guests than the kitchen? Leather, vinyl or microfiber cushions? Standard height or Counter height?  There are literally too many choices for the untrained amateur to decide, when there are trained professionals who live to serve.

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The staffers at A Royal Suite are professionals at layout, color coordination, and space management. You provide the preferred wood style, room usage, and color scheme, and the staffers will find the right dining room furniture and chairs that meets your needs, expectations, and budget.

A Royal Suite, a family-owned business since 1978, is committed to providing the very finest dining furniture and home furnishings at the absolute greatest value. A Royal Suite is proud to offer American-made furniture, one of the strongest bastions of quality in the furniture world. Brand names like Tempe, East Shore, Crosswinds, and Yosemite denote attractive, quality furniture at a price you can afford.

Trust the trained professionals at A Royal Suite, a company with thirty-eight years of furniture experience, to ask you the right questions, and comb through their vast knowledge of suppliers and vendors to deliver the right style, at the right color, at the right price. A Royal Suite—their name says it all!

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A Royal Suite
26536 Carl Boyer Drive, Santa Clarita, CA 91350
Phone: (661) 259-7000

Monday – Sunday
 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

We hope you can join us on April 29th and 30th, 2017 at one of the largest California Home and Garden Shows right here in Santa Clarita!

A Royal Suite – Santa Clarita, CA


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