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Producing safe and chemical free skin care products Heavenlee Scents is making it easier for Santa Clarita Valley residents to get access to high quality artisan bath bombs, goat milk lotion, and goat milk bar soap. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and taking care of it is always important as much of what makes contact with your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Heavenlee Scents wants to help you not have to worry about what is in your skin care products while still providing you with effective and great smelling products.

Creating colorful and fun products that are effective and safe to use on your skin is the mission of Heavenlee Scents and they make sure to take the time to craft each and everyone of their products to meet their high standards. They offer a line of products that include their colorful and fun cupcake bath bombs, goat milk bar soap, and their goat milk lotions.

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Their cupcake bath bombs are colorful, fun, and unique altering the traditional look of a bath bomb and instead creating cupcake designs that look so tasty you almost wish you could eat them. The bath bombs come in fun scents like cucumber, lavender, almond, and sweet pea, as well as a collection of scents in a more traditional bath bomb shape that include lemongrass, falling rain, and moonlight pomegranate.

Another fun and colorful product from Heavenlee Scents is their goats milk soap bars. These soaps come in a variety of fun and different scents as well as wacky colorful designs. They come in scents that include energy, gardenia, montego bay, lime in the coconut, tickle me pink, new spice and more.

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Making products that they can stand behind and will help treat your skin without any toxic chemicals is what Heavenlee Scents is all about and they want to make it possible to treat your skin the right way while still using products that smell and look great. Taking great care in selecting the right ingredients for all of their products, they make sure they are always making their best possible products.

Bringing their idea of safe non-toxic skin care products to life Heavenlee Scents is helping residents of the Santa Clarita Valley gain access to high quality soaps and bath bombs using only the best ingredients possible.

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Heavanlee Scents

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Heavenlee Scents


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